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Employment Policy of GRATA AUDIT

A well-orchestrated human resources policy has always been a crucial indicator of any company’s development. The professionalism and quality of work by staff can help establish and expand any business, however complex it is.

We believe that GRATA AUDIT’s success is only possible by the efforts of the people who work in the company. Our professional staff is the basic competitive edge of our company. At the present time our company includes six certified auditors, three of whom hold international certificates, and more than 10 highly skilled professionals.

These are the basic principles and values of the human resources dimension of our business:

The baseline of the human resources philosophy

•    Teamwork and commitment. Our team unites to solve common tasks. Everyone’s effort is valuable. This makes us a team of professionals willing and capable of contributing to the common cause. We want our employees to share in corporate successes, be committed to the corporate values and be proud of being part of the Grata Audit team.
•    Responsibility. In our view, responsibility is not limited to a certain position. Working within our company implies responsibility from the start, because the entire work ethic is built on trust.
•    Constant growth. We salute new ideas. The company’s management acknowledges and values the achievements of each employee, encouraging the use of initiative and a creative approach. The company is interested in every employee growing professionally and is ready to provide opportunities to realise their potential.
Human resources policy goals:

Our employees face challenging goals. The management has great faith in their talents and their goal-reaching capacity. Being aware of these goals allows an employee to comprehend the direction of the company’s growth.

•    becoming the most attractive employer in the labour market;
•    defining and assigning strategic requirements to the company’s staff;
•    encouraging and maintaining the best professionals in the field;
•    timely provide the company with highly skilled staff capable of effectively solving current tasks and implement the strategy;
•    creating a system of implementation and HR development control;
•    realising the inner potential of each employee;
•    introducing a fair and merit-oriented system of staff motivation;
•    building an open communication system; and
•    shaping progressive corporate culture.

Staff competence

Each employee has to demonstrate the required level of competence. This includes honesty, responsibility and high moral standards.

Our values:

•    Teamwork
•    Optimum solutions based on comprehensive analysis
•    Honesty and openness in relations with partners and colleagues
•    Professional competence
•    Reliability and responsibility

Why are we looking for new employees?

Our company is growing fast: its sales are increasing, new activities are being mastered and projects are being developed. The HR department of GRATA AUDIT is constantly searching for new professionals to hire for existing and future vacancies.

If you wish to join our team, please send your CV or proposal or by fax: +7 (727) 277 69 25

All the received CVs are reviewed and saved in a database. Even if we are not currently ready to offer a position to you, we will look back at your CV if there is a suitable vacancy.